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Awards & Recognition

Savannah DUI Attorney - Elmer H. (Pete) Young

When you're facing a crime as serious as driving under the influence (DUI), you need an experienced attorney on your side. While there are a number of great criminal defense lawyers out here, at this time you need an attorney who has undergone extensive training on the science used in drunk-driving cases and has been recognized by his peers as an expert in the field of DUI defense. As one of the top DUI attorneys in Savannah, GA, Attorney Elmer H. (Pete) Young has defended a number of individuals accused of driving while intoxicated to help them avoid the consequences associated with conviction.

Mr. Young earned his law degree from the John Marshall Law School and was admitted to the Georgia State Bar in 1975. With 37 years of criminal law under his belt, Mr. Young has focused his practice on DUI defense, helping individuals from across the nation as well as several countries who have been charged with drunk driving.

Protecting Those Accused of DUI For Over 35 Years

To stay on top of the latest defense strategies, Mr. Young has successfully completed a number of advanced training courses to master DUI evidence. He is certified as a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor and has undergone a week-long training course on Forensic Blood and Urine testing presented at Emory University and the laboratory at Georgia Tech University by world leaders in forensic science.

Mr. Young is a member of several legal organizations, including the National College for DUI Defense--an association dedicated to improving the quality of defense for drunk driving. His achievements in this field were recognized when he was honored with the "Most Amazing Jury Verdict" by his peers and mentors in 2002. In addition, he has been recognized by a state court as an expert witness in field sobriety testing and the Intoxilyzer 5000 and, as such, was allowed to testify on these subjects for the defense--helping the lawyer who hired him win the case!

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Thanks to his reputation and expertise, Mr. Young is frequently invited to speak on topics related to DUI defense at legal seminars, civic groups, and public interest forums. He was also a guest lecturer at the Defense of Drinking Drivers seminar--a program that was accredited by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education for CLE in Georgia.

As you can see, Mr. Young has the credentials necessary to vigorously defend a DUI case--so if you are simply interested in pleading guilty to your charge, you have come to the wrong website. By speaking with Mr. Young, you can learn about your options and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

How To Help Your DUI Case

If you have recently been arrested for drunk driving, there are several things you can do now to help your case and protect your driving abilities. You have only 30 business days to appeal your automatic license suspension with the Department of Driver Services. Because this window is so short, you should immediately contact our law firm to submit the proper paperwork and obtain proof that you met the 30-day deadline. We offer this service for absolutely FREE as a client, so it is in your best interest to get in touch with us right now.

Next, you should take a few minutes to write down all of the details from the day of your drunk-driving arrest. This includes all of the food you ate, medications you took, the amount of drinks you consumed, and the people who were with you. If you are close to the location where you were arrested, take pictures and also take pictures of your vehicle if you were involved in an accident.

To expedite the process for our legal team, go ahead and request a copy of your driving record as well as the police report and any chemical tests (such as a breathalyzer or blood draw). There can be possible breathalyzer errors during your DUI stop, so we need this information from you.

DUI Attorney Costs

For your convenience, Mr. Young offers reasonable flat fees for his defense, so you know exactly how much your representation will cost. If you are concerned about paying the fee upfront, please inquire about our wide range of payment plans and credit card payment option.

While you may feel discouraged right now, please know that fighting your DUI is possible. For a free, sit-down evaluation of your case, please schedule an appointment with Mr. Young today.

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