Savannah, Georgia DUI Second Offense

The Georgia courts take a harsh stance on driving under the influence (DUI) offenders--especially if they have a history of committing similar crimes in the past. For this reason, the consequences you could face if convicted of a second DUI in Savannah are substantially increased. In addition to a longer jail sentence and license suspension, you can face even tougher fines and community service requirements.

Despite the enhanced penalties you may face if you are found guilty, fighting a second offense is possible with the right legal team on your side. If your DUI defense attorney finds any problems with your arrest or the breathalyzer evidence, your chances of a successful resolution will be improved.

Penalties for a Savannah Second DUI Offense

Savannah has a "DUI Court" that handles repeat DUI offender cases. If your case is referred to this court, you must follow stringent probationary restrictions and could face a stiff jail term.

While you may be sentenced to 90 days to 12 months of imprisonment, the judge can suspend or probate all but 72 hours in lieu of probation. This means that, if you comply with the terms and conditions of your 12-month probation, you will not be required to serve the entire sentence. The judge could also order you to perform 30 days (240 hours) of community service and pay $600-$1,000 in fines.

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To publicize your second DUI conviction, the court will require you to pay a $25 fee--out of pocket--to have your name, address, arrest details, and photo published in your local paper.

In addition to a criminal sentence, you could face an administrative penalty that is imposed by the Department of Driver Services (DDS). When an individual is arrested for DUI and either fails the breathalyzer or refuses to comply with the officer's request to take it, it triggers an automatic license suspension. For a second offense, your license can be suspended for a period of three years; however, after one year of "hard suspension," you may be eligible to apply for a limited permit. For your license reinstatement, you will be required to get a clinical evaluation, complete another alcohol education course, and have an ignition interlock device mounted in your car for six months.

When you are sentenced to a license suspension, the court will confiscate the license tags for all of the vehicles registered under your name. If you can prove that a family member relies on the vehicle for transportation or is a co-owner, a special plate may be granted.

Don't Plead Guilty

It is important to remember that a second DUI charge doesn't always end in a conviction. With a proven record of winning results, Attorney Elmer H. (Pete) Young has the experience and reputation you need at this critical time. For a FREE analysis of your second DUI case, please schedule an appointment today.

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